Marjorie W. DeCanio, CFP®

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Retirement Planning

I'd like to welcome you to our web site.  I began DeCanio & Associates in 1989 from a pure desire to help people retire with financial independence.  My Mom and Dad sold their Northern "Dream Home" to move to Florida in the hopes to live comfortably since the only retirement funds available to them was the monthly Social Security Check.  Dad was excited to hear the career path I had chosen and inspired me with these words: "Marj,  please teach people how to save for their retirement so they don't have to sell their home in order to live like your Mother and I did".   I have been committed ever since! 

Retirement planning is one of the many financial services we offer our clients.  There are so many facets toward financial independence.  Nothing shapes future success like a simple plan.  I use a four step process of building a financial strategy: 
                                   Step 1 -- Set and prioritize your goals
                                   Step 2 -- Create your action plan
                                   Step 3 -- Implement your plan
                                   Step 4 -- Monitor your progress

This simple four step process helps take out the guesswork -- leaving you with a strategy for the increased financial independence you deserve!  I look forward to helping you reach your goals".  

This ones for you, Dad!

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